Sunday, June 27, 2010


this little girl's name is Prodice, she's six years old, and ahh isn't she just the cutest? in her pretty dress! note to self: take extreme amounts of bubbles with on mission. they're like magic, wonderful for captivating kids'' attention :) they're superfun and look cool in photos, what more could you want haha! these photos are from the DRC mission that just happened*

Friday, June 25, 2010

yes i am a stalker.

so i'm designing tshirts for the mission and stalking photos at the same time and wow i am getting more and more excited :) the symbols we're using for the tshirts, apparently good representations of the country: baobab tree. lemurs. orchids. (i just found out vanilla pods come from orchids! wow!) been reading mission stories, like my dear friend rose's one from her mission in india, and realising how i am going to experience and learn things i cannot even begin to imagine! yay!