Saturday, May 12, 2012

Antananarivo, forever.

This town will always feel like home to me. I love to breathe it in, I love the way the light catches it, I love how the sky seems perfect at any time of the day. Mostly, I love the family I have here. As we left dinner tonight, two women were speaking French and being the amazing French-speaker I am, I knew they were speaking about me, but couldn't understand what it is they were saying. "Me?" "Yes, you, you are my daughter." -Was probably the single greatest thing I heard all night.

Over the past few years I have had the honour of falling in love with this city over and over again, and the people have played a huge role in that. Also, the doors. Anyone who has walked through the town with me, as I enjoy doing while the sun is setting, will know that I will stop a hundred times on the way to whereever, to take photos of the doors. 

I don't really have words to describe the epic adventure today has been, the crew is so cool and we definitely made the most of the time we had to explore. Have a look at some of it*

Their eyes! Aaaah!

Spent about an hour tonight discussing how we can save this cat from a life of captivity. Turned into a pretty cool marketing campaign for Carlton hotel, haha. Francois isn't buying into it though. Sigh. 

Tomorrow is assessment day, hoping for many patients to return, and for everything to run smoothly. Fun fact, there is also a political protest happening tomorrow, just up the hill. That should definitely add some flavour, haha. Xx