Thursday, February 14, 2013

Singapore :)

On my way to get my freshly squeezed orange juice at Food Lovers, I walked by this lady's pretty bag, so I said 'aw I like your bag!' (As I do, pretty regularly) and she said thanks, I smiled and walked on. But then I heard, 'it's from Singapore.' And no one's ever really wanted to tell me more, so I turned around and said 'really?!' and she ended up being this wonderful lady, who told me that the print is the Singapore flying colours. (Which, she explained, means it's the print the air hostesses wear) and she said she uses the bag for shopping, 'Because if i keep buying bags, there won't be any trees left for your generation,' she nods happily. She says she's gone through three of four bags in nineteen years, her friend sends them to her, which I think is so so lovely!

Other things I saw today: a cute white-haired couple holding hands while they crossed the road.

I dropped my iPhone and then make-up store man kindly picked it up while I closed my eyes and said 'Please say its okay! Please!' and then he hugged me and said don't worry.

The world is a lovely place :)