Friday, July 23, 2010

figure out the rest of your life.

have you watched the 1Goal videos? theyre so great! 72 million children on the planet aren't being educated. 60% of them are in Africa. i just watched oprah's 'the 25th season will be my last' speech. *so emotional* it's the end of an era.. weird thinking that my children won't come home from school and wonder what's on oprah today. we won't sit on the couch and watch the amazing christmas episodes where the audience gets every kind of free thing imaginable. *sigh* i guess that's how time goes...

the point i was trying to make is that i was already in an emotional state, and then the jessica alba and bono video came on. (you should watch it!) WOW. what strikes me is the biggest lesson ive learnt from operationsmilesouthafrica, -you can make a difference. a huge one. the smallest thing, one hour a week spent tutoring a child, could be the highlight of their week. one hour spent honestly caring about their needs, about their well-being, about their hopes and dreams. -that's what makes the difference! ive been so blessed to have grown up with amaaaazing people shaping the person ive become. and i am beyond grateful. i can only hope to make as great an impact on the life of another person, -and i do, everyday. we sometimes forget how much of an impact every moment shared with another has on them. and i like to stop and think, 'what is it that people see in me when we spend time together? when we speak for a moment in the store? when they see me across the room before we meet? when they hear me talking to my friends about my weekend?'

so this post is purely to remind you of the millions of people in need of your help. your talents, your passion, your time, your resources. we've been so blessed. if youre reading this, you are literate. and able to comprehend my thoughts. you have access to a computer and internet. you are SO blessed. let's help those who aren't. there are so many amazing projects, so many ways to get involved in uplifting the hearts and quality of life of others. there is no excuse. GET INVOLVED!

and have a wonderful weekend, reflecting on your blessings and contemplating how you can make a difference. -it's a really exciting thing!

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