Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mission Meeting.

This evening we had a meeting about our mission at the opsmile headoffice. I met our student sponsor, Andries, for the first time. He went to Madagascar last year, so it's really helpful that he knows the area we'll be working in well. In response to my 'what do we really need, specifically in Madagascar, question, he said: "Toothbrushes. Lots of toothbrushes. And bubbles! Bubbles are the answer to world peace." (*hint hint nudge nudge* donations always welcome. We need 1000 toothbrushes. And we'll be seeing around 300 kids, who will all love bubbles -because theyre awesum!- so we'll be needing lots of stuff.) Scarlett's mom, Jo, told us she is bringing these cool bubbles which last for an hour without popping! How cool is that?! And she was telling us alll about the cool new activities we'll be running during the mission. (She's an Occupational Therapist, and the Child Life Therapist on the mission) They're all these really cool games to develop hand-eye coordination and teach the children about colours and shapes.. and we'll be getting their parents involved with activity books and story-telling. Oh, we played with this supercool playparachute (which Meagan and I now both want!) I'm SO excited!!! We're going mission shopping soon, at this huuuuge warehouse. Haha everyone at the office is already warning me to calm down.. They know me so well :) It was good to be back in the office. It's only been two days since my internship ended but it's still strange not going in every morning, not seeing them all every day. They've become family, so it's natural that I'd miss them.. But it's not long til Madagascar where I'll see them allll day and night for ten days! Haha we'll really know each other well after everything on the mission. Can't wait!

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  1. I can't wait either!!! Oh it's going to be beautiful.. you of all people in this world is going to be so remarkable. You will have the greatest experience in the world!!! :) And you are doing so wonderful... Operation Smile International Club of the Year.. South AFrica!!!!!! I laaav you*