Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kinshasa so far...

 {some photos from the Kinshasa Mission so far.}
Today was day one of surgery, and tomorrow i visit The American School to talk about opsmile bc theyre starting a student club. The local support has been INCREDIBLE. -Beyond what we couldve asked for! I watched two incredible contracture release operations on brothers who fell into the fire where their mother was cooking. It was beautiful to watch. Surgery truly is art. And the knowledge of how much this is going to change their lives is overwhelming. I learnt so much from the doctors today, being that girl hanging out in the OR asking a thousand questions. Every time i watch a surgery im certain i want to (have to) be a plastic surgeon. We still have a ton of people coming for screening every day, and the surgeries are going really well. We have a research team collecting data in an attempt to determine causes or contributing factors to cleft lips; a real life CSI team! ...Except there wasn't a murder. Day two of surgery tomorrow. Better get to bed!


  1. I love you!!! This is incredible and I am SO happy for you. You are meant to touch lives my love. Good luck and know I am praying and thinking of you, every step of the way!! You are such a light in my life.

  2. Andrea, it is an absolute inspiration to read the blog. It is obvoius from your writing that nothing quite beats doing good...having a part in having lives transformed where people are not in a position to pay for the transformation. By the way, you made me think about the comment "except there has not been a murder..." The world is suh an unequal place, I wonder whether the devastation you and the team are so busy "repairing", isnt the closest thing to murder, yet there is no punishment for this. Anyway, didnt mean to go off again, just wanted to say you and the team are doing great work. Love from the Rondebosh Fan Club.