Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Beyond Words

i have so much to say, ive got it all ready to get onto a post. but we just got back to the (AMAZING) hotel. have tons of photos i'll blog tomorrow. rightnow though, we're going out for dinner to a place that apparently doesnt have a roof. oh and this girl, im in love with her.. she's just. wow. the cutest :) her name is clara. FINALLY the only three sentences i remember from frenchclass came into use. haha but moer on that later aaah must go must go. anyway, she spent all of todya with me. but i didnt see any of her family and she didnt go through screening. she just kept looking at me. and sitting by me. we don't speak eachother's languages, but we communicated perfectly, joking around about the people around us. she kept posing for photos and wanting to see. and asking chloe for stickers. then when i had to leave she followed me up the stairs and took me to room 209 in the onchology ward. where her whole family is sitting. and smiling at me. we had a ten minute 'i have no idea what youre sayin' laughing moment, and concluded that id come by tomorrow.

i haven't cried yet, i thought i would. there were two moments i almost did, you know when youre just overwhelm withe motion? when we first walked into the hospital there was a sea of faces, hundreds and hundreds of people, who had parted this pathway for us to walk through. they were all smiling and just wow so friendly and welcoming and so grateful for our presence. -we hadn't even set up yet, and there wer 'thankyous' from all over. i was just struck by the welcoming hearts of the people here. -The Carlton Hotel's generosity (more on that later aah sorry im tryna rush here, i just really wanan give you guys an ideea of what im feeling) Also, I'm really truly experiencing the power of a smile. Beyond words, beyond understanding what's going on.. The smiles the team and the patients, the families share.. Priceless moments. Feelings we couldn't describe even if we had a language in common.

I promise I'll blog properly tomorrow! Bye xoxo


  1. Keep up the good work girls!! So proud of you:-))

  2. i love your hair! and such a sweet story :)

    i can't believe you brought an LV bag to madagaascar......

  3. hello love* i hop[e u are having an amazing experience. super jealous!

    but u are making a difference and its the most magical thing you can do si i hope all goes well

    yes can change a life***


  4. hello looks sooo exciting, give Clara a hug for me.
    I also can't believe that LV bag-)please take pics of the markets,the streets and building where you are based for the op time and post it
    Get a newspaper and a womens or fashion mag for us to see how or whats in the genl society -the broader community. Ask some families what they think outsiders don't know about Madagascar- what there is to be celebrated and maybe 1/2 challengers

    Love you and am so proud of your hard work and willingness to share your time and skills
    xoxo hj your proud mom