Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Supper.

JThe bus ride was good. I sat with a Canadian named Jackie. she's cute and blonde and supersweet! and there's this hilarius american named jane. i havent seen her much since though..
on the way we saw this gigantic sparkly building. no idea what it is.. looked like those buildings in vegas! SO cool. and when talking about the things jackie should see during her extra days in SA after the mission, someone was sayin there's a park where you can see lions and rhino.. and jane interjects "--and bears..?" but for real. #greatestmoment. no jane, not bears...
other observations on the journey to the hotel: it almost always smells like incense or burning. jackie said seeing the vibe outside at night reminded her of india (where her last mission was). brooke (PIT trainer, from the usa) disagrees.. "it's clean and quiet, NO!" there are no streetlights, but people are walking around and chilling all over. and ohmygosh you just see piles of what looks like those white woven plastic bags (the big ones, for like sand? do you know what im talking about?) but actually it's hundreds of people sleeping alongside the road..
This is the first thing you see when you enter The Carlton (and by enter i mean, when the french doorman opens the door for you and carries all your luggage..) WOW. And all over there are the most incredible chandeliers! It's an AMAZING hotel. WOW. and everyone is just so welcoming and friendly and willing to go out of their way to help us. We went straigth up to a dinner that the Lions Club and The Carlton had thrown for us. So wonderful! Firstly bc the dinner was just... the most delicious food in the world. And a buffett. But mostly bc the prevalent feeling in the room (the rooftop room to be specific..) was gratitude. There were the most heartwarming speeches. About how our previous missions have gone.. In four missions we've changed the lives of 730 patients! And about how thankful they are to have us in the country to help the children of Madagascar. It's just... wow. Blown away by these wonderful people.

Inside joke: Christof went to the dessert buffett..
"What's this?"
Malagasy cake."
"And this?"
"Malagasy cake"
"And this?"
"Malagasy cake."
*all completely different types of dessert*

haha it's a bit of a running joke now... which maybe isn't as funny to all of you.. *awkward*

The night was filled with a sense of family, and great anticipation.. and a feeling of community, of working together for the common good.

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