Saturday, January 21, 2012

DRC Realisations.

Hi :)

SO, I'm pretty bleak that I didn’t have energy or time to write after every day, bc I have had the most fascinating conversations here. I've learnt so much about cultural differences, especially. And just, am constantly realising how privileged I am, not just in a monetary sense, but circumstantially. The considerations students here have to make when thinking of their future, are beyond what I think even parents in our society must consider. For us, a future can be anything we want, within reason of course. But we are free from the heavy weight of government control. We are free from being victims of inexplicable acts to prove power. And free from having to admit to ourselves that we may not be able to have even one child, bc we will probably not afford it. All this aside from the regular power cuts, internet restrictions, violent policemen willing to do anything to get a beer or $100 out of you, and exorbitant food prices. Too many reminders of how corruption can break everything, how one man's selfishness can change an entire nation's outlook on life.

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