Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm both excited and overwhelmed by my job right now.
Not in the way I have been for a while.

I think I am, in awe of how capable I am.
And newly motivated to make the most of it.
Which is really really good.

And I dont know what I want to be doing a year from now, or where.
But I know what I love doing and feeling.

And I know that there are moments in this job when I cant believe how lucky I am.
Moments when I cant help but smile to myself
bc I feel like there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

Not bc of the country I'm in or the people I'm with
or maybe bc of exactly that.
But mostly, bc I can feel in my heart
it's exactly where and what I'm meant to be,
exactly what I'm meant to do with my life.

Exactly why i am who i am,
for this, right now.

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