Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things that happen in the DRC.

You can never see the sky completely. The sky is always grey. Maybe someone with geography knowledge (Victoria) would tell me it's bc of the tropical climate, I say it's bc of the dangerous amounts of pollution. Either way, it makes me uncomfortable.

There are no bins, anywhere. I walked from one side of downtown to the other (we're estimating about four kilometres, just saying, WHY DID WE NOT TAKE A TAXI) and, no bin. We got to the street cafe, and the waiter took trash off the table and threw in into the street. Where already, years and years of rubbish is piled up, compressed as part of the ground. There is litter, EVERYWHERE.

You cannot take photos. Just, dont. Unless you are willing to dish out hundreds of dollars to get permission every time you want to whip out your camera. If you want to live on the edge, fake use your phone. But really, getting arrested or harrased by groups of men desperate for dollars, is not worth it. It will get unpleasant.

Yeah, you will see soldiers everywhere, they will all have huge guns. They will watch intently, for a way to fine you for something that really isnt illegal, but will still ensure your giving them atleast $5. You will be appalled, and annoyed, but only argue enough to reduce the amount drastically, bc you know they need the money for food. They only get about $35 a month, and a salary increase is not on the horizon. (Considering that was the price of my meal at Nandos the other day, it hurts to wonder how the average person survives. Though, I guess I know the answer is that they dont.)

No one will offer help, whether you dropped a bag of groceries or are changing a tyre. It is just not in the culture. Also, do not ask for directions, they will expect to be paid.

There are beautiful lizards everywhere, with cool fire stripes on their backs. So, there's that. And the other animals you will see, will be frail and in cages. Being sold at markets. Or, an occasional cat at a restaurant there to rid the place of rats.

Nice Cream is the greatest thing that will ever happen to you. Even though the women will be annoyed at how excited you are, it will be worth the $7 and dirty looks. It's on Avenue de Port, people, and it's where the party is AT. Get that icecream, and fall in love forever.

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