Sunday, January 22, 2012

Five dollars.

Today we experienced fully the brutality of this corruption. It started out as a simple "Let's go to this art museum I heard about." and ended with running away from an angry man with an AK47, and a consequential two hour walk across downtown on a windless day in Kinshasa.

Staying on the topic of corruption, we found out why we had so much trouble with our visas. And the real reason why the embassy was burned down in Pretoria. Turns out the Congolese really hate Jacob Zuma, since he sent in troops to fight on Kabila's side during the election saga. (Aside from the unfair 'why are you even getting involved' issue, it must be noted that Conogolese people are not at all violent, and the only acts of violence to cilivians was done by foreign troops on Congolese land.) And then, just after Kabila "won" these elections, it is announced that Zuma's son is starting some oil corporation here. Clearly a result of Zuma's negotions with Kabila during the election period.

In other news of the day, I learnt that this freedom our generation has, having not grown up during Apartheid, isn't always a gift. I always thought it meant we could see further ahead into a brighter future without the bitterness that older generations cant seem to shake. Today I heard that this ignorance and lack of personal experience is affecting the motivation for change in the DRC. That the youth doesn't see, firstly how bad it can get if left unsolved, and secondly, how much of a change they could create if they faught for it. Which kind of breaks my heart.

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