Sunday, January 29, 2012

Speak Now

Yes, that is the title of a Taylor Swift song. And yes, I did just wake up from a dream where I sang and danced with her under streetlights. It was one of my happier dreams. But this is not what I wanted to write about today. I want to write about saying things that are inside your head and your heart.

I've had a fairly dramatic week, with health and travel and life-plan issues. But I am here, home with my family, and that's what counts, that's all I wished for all those times I lay alone. And in those times, I realised something.

People don't say their truth. People don't say what they think. People don't trust their instincts. People aren't honest about their feelings. Or about their opinions of each other, good or bad. People don't say kind things when they can. And they don't ask to understand clearer when they aren't certain.

The times people have spoken to me about the things in their hearts, the things that mean most to them, or even just things that feel real, have been the greatest conversations. And the times when people say they see a light in me, or observe something I never knew about myself; those times keep me going. Pity they're so few and far between.

And maybe this sounds very negative. But really what I'm saying is, people should. It makes life a lot more special, a lot more intimate, a lot more real and true and meaningful.

I read once that, "Admitting what scares us or makes us feel alive might be intimidating or embarrassing, but there is power and strength in owning who we are." and the power in sharing it, the power of community, is infinite. 

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